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Dr. Braunstein & Research Consultants:

Your services were absolutely phenomenal! I was at a standstill with my dissertation until I decided professional assistance was needed. After our first phone conversation I knew your company was the right fit for what I needed to graduate. Your professionalism and knowledge is light-years ahead of other consultants that I interviewed. The editing and formatting services you provide are in my opinion the best in the industry. Another great lesson of life was learned, not to let the cost of something override what the investment will offer. Thank you for saving me time, stress, and money on my dissertation.

Greatly appreciated,
Mark A. Marshall, Ph.D.


Hi Dr. Braunstein,

You saved the day! I have statistical data!

I have my book open and will be studying these reports today. Your explanations below are so very helpful. I just want to say "Thank you" again for coming to the rescue. I will thank Dr. Jones as well. I realize that this project presented real challenges. If I'm someday writing my dissertation, I'll be able to apply many lessons learned!

Again, I truly appreciate your time, effort, and guidance.

J. Murphy


Dr. Braunstein,

I was a little hesitant to hire a consultant over the telephone, especially one who lived out-of-state, but when I spoke with you over the telephone about my project, you appeared to know exactly what I was trying to do -- you even began finishing my sentences for me -- which led me to believe that you were well-versed in not only statistics but also in SPSS.

I am very grateful for your assistance on this project. You have done for me in 24 hours what I could not have managed myself over two months. Your telephone calls were prompt, professional and courteous. But even more than that, you were patient and kind. That means a lot to an anxious doctoral student!!

Kind regards, K


I am in a PhD program and was taking a very difficult research class. I was afraid if I did not get some added assistance that I might not pass the course. This was an online course and so the professor was not able to sit down with me and help me to understand the information that was being taught. In desperation I went online to find a tutor to help me and found researchconsultation.com. I called and left a message and was contacted by the owner, Dr. Braunstein. I told him my situation and how I felt totally overwhelmed and he was very reassuring and said he has a wonderful staff and he would hook me up with a lady who would be able to assist me in my research class. I cannot tell you how nice it was to have someone on the other end of the phone who understood my frustration, and my inability to understand the research questions and papers I had to write based on the research questions.

Dr. Hollie Jones was my tutor. She was extremely flexible in her hours, contacted me always within the time I needed her to, and gave incredible feedback! I finally understood what I needed to pass the class with her help. I actually received an A in the course I was shocked. I know I would not have passed this class without her assistance. This is a quality organization and a MUST for anyone who is unfamiliar with the more in-depth research courses. I know I will be calling again when I start my dissertation!

Kelley Armbruster


Dear Dr. Braunstein,

I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Jones was able to explain all
parts of our query regarding the calculation and presentation of the
statistical data. Thanks to your firm and Dr. Jones' help it looks like
the project will be able to make full use of the statistical data
gathered in the field.

I'm sure you don't normally deal with such trivial enquires such as
ours, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing
to take on our case and for a wonderful outcome.

May we wish you all the best from the United Kingdom and for the
continued success of your company.

Best wishes,

M. Parker


Dr. Braunstein,

First I must apologize for the delay in sharing my news. Second - I DID IT!!!! I am now Dr. Griffith. Thank you so much for your help and encouraging words. My committee said it was a very well written paper, one of the best they have read. They also noted that my presentation was very good and informative. Thank you for helping me by giving me confidence and guidance.

Thank you,


Dr. Braunstein provided me with all the statistical assistance I needed to complete my doctoral dissertation, "Psychological variables and depression among nursing home and adult care facility residents." Actually, my dissertation won the APA, PSI-CHI graduate research award for 2006, in New Orleans. www.researchconsultation.com is a reliable and professional service that will help any student who wants to complete his/her dissertation quickly, efficiently and under the APA ethical standards. Don't feel down when you get stuck. Just call Dr. Braunstein and you are on the right truck.

Artemis Pipinelli, Ph.D.



I never got around to sending you a note, but I owe you guys a big thanks for your consult on my dissertation research method and statistical data.

You were easy to work with and confirmed that I was on the right track.

I successfully defended and finished in November of 2006.

I will pass your contact info on to others that are still struggling with the process.



Dear Dr. Braunstein,

Yes, it was Dr. Jones and I have found her to be quite knowledgeable and
able to help me immensely with this project. It's been awhile since
I've talked with her, only because I've been awaiting feedback from my
committee after assimilating her last guidance.

I am grateful for your invaluable service. I owe you tons of gratitude.




Thanks sooooooooooooooo much. I first looked at the edits and was floored...You will be in my acknowledgement...Thanks again..I will be needing you for 4 & 5 as soon as this is approved..You are the best..I will recommend people to you...


Maloney Hunter-Lowe

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