Statistics Consulting & Tutoring Services
Statistical Consultants for Students & Researchers

SPSS Statistics Help & Tutoring
SPSS is a comprehensive statistical software package useful in the analysis of social and behavioral science research. Many graduate students and researchers have been exposed to SPSS, but do not possess in-depth knowledge of the application. We can provide the training, tutorials, and assistance necessary for learning how to use SPSS for your completing your research project.

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Biostatistics Consulting Services
If you are a medical or healthcare professional or are affiliated with a medical research organization, chances are you will employ biostatistics during the analysis of your data. Our experts have the research methodology, data, and statistics consultation knowledge you need to efficiently analyze your medical research data.
Power Analysis Help
The purpose of a power analysis is to provide you with the information needed to accurately determine the sample size needed for your research question(s). A proper power analysis allows you to effectively plan your data collection. We can conduct a power analysis and help you choose the appropriate statistical test(s) for your study.
Multivariate Statistics Help & Training
Multivariate statistics and techniques, such as factor analysis, cluster analysis, and multidimensional scaling, can be used to analyze complex sets of data from your data set. If you need assistance in determining which multivariate statistic to use, our statistical consultants can help.
Effect Size Calculation Help
An effect size is the size of the relationship between two variables and is usually defined as the difference in mean outcomes between the treatment and control group. Several factors influence which effect size you should choose. Our staff can assist you in calculating the effect size for your study.
Sample Size Calculation Assistance
Sample size refers to the specific size of the group or groups being studied in your research. This important number is not arbitrary and usually is determined through power analysis. Our staff is knowledgeable about sample size calculation and can help determine the appropriate course of action for your research project.
Multicollinearity in Multiple Regression
Multicollinearity occurs when variables are very highly correlated with each other, resulting in problems with deriving reliable estimates of individual regression coefficients. We can assist you in properly evaluating your regression analyses to determine the presence of multicollinearity and provide help with decreasing its effects.