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What is SPSS?


Many students in graduate or doctoral programs that are research focused have been exposed to SPSS at some point in their graduate school career.  However, in depth exposure to SPSS as part of a doctoral program is not always the norm.  If you are completing a dissertation or Master’s thesis now, or in the near or distant future, and plan to use SPSS to analyze your dissertation or other data, you could benefit from SPSS consultation services.  We provide information related to using SPSS to analyze your dissertation data.  We also provide SPSS consultation services and help to those who have plans to use, or could benefit from using SPSS in their dissertations.  If you think you could benefit from SPSS help, contact an experienced dissertation consultant. Request SPSS Statistics Help   


SPSS It is very user friendly and best learned by hands-on utilization.  SPSS is a comprehensive statistical software package for helping you analyze your dissertation or thesis data and can import your dissertation data from almost any kind of file (e.g. Excel) for analysis.  You can use SPSS to generate tabulated dissertation reports, charts, and plots of distributions and trends, as well as descriptive statistics, and complex statistical analysis using your data.  Although SPSS seems like a very easy-to-use statistical package, you may find that you need help with utilizing its various functions.  We provide SPSS help for people who are just starting to use SPSS, as well as those who have previously been exposed to the program.  We can teach you how to use SPSS to run your dissertation statistics and graphics, as well as manage your data.

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Learn How to Use SPSS


We provide training, tutorials and assistance with learning how to use SPSS for your dissertation analyses.  In this way, you will be confident in setting up a file, analyzing your dissertation data, as well as presenting the results from to your dissertation committee during your defense.  To help you understand the basics of setting up a dissertation file in SPSS we provide a few tutorials to help you start entering and analyzing your dissertation data in SPSS.  You can contact one of our dissertation statistics consultants for a one-on-one SPSS tutorial.  Consultation services are always tailored to your specific dissertation needs.


How to Enter your Dissertation Data in SPSS


When you open up a data file in SPSS, it will appear in the Program Editor window. The format is similar to a spreadsheet like those you find in Excel—there is a grid of rows and columns. The columns represent your dissertation variables and the rows represent your dissertation observations or participants.  You can enter your dissertation data manually or import your dissertation data from a database, spreadsheet or text file. You may find it hard to figure out how to import your dissertation data from another file into SPSS or you may find it difficult to enter your dissertation data manually into SPSS.  If you have any difficulty at all, we can provide the SPSS help you require for your dissertation. 

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How to Enter and Label Dissertation Variables in SPSS


Once you have set up your dissertation data file in SPSS, you need to create and label your variables.  There are at least two ways to enter your dissertation variables in SPSS.  You can double click each column heading and enter the variable name and variable label.  Its best to create and enter your dissertation variables before you enter your data, so you know what each column represents.  Also it helps to provide a detailed label for each dissertation variable, as this label is a definition of the variable.  If you are unsure how to enter your variables or how to label your variables in SPSS, you can request dissertation statistical consultation services. Once your data is entered into SPSS, it can be cleaned and your data analyses can begin.


How to Read Your Dissertation Statistical Analyses in SPSS


When your dissertation statistical analyses are run in SPSS, an output file is produced. When you run a statistic in SPSS, the Viewer window will automatically open to show the output.  The right pane of the SPSS Viewer window contains the contents of the output including the tables and charts. With help from SPSS, you can run many statistical procedures with your dissertation data.  You can analyze your dissertation data using Descriptives, Frequencies, Correlations, and Regression to name just a few statistical procedures. 


In order to get SPSS to help you run your dissertation statistics, select your procedure using the Analyze menu, select the variables that you wish to analyze, run the procedure, and analyze the results.  If you do not know how to read your SPSS output files, analyze your data or need help with writing the results section of your dissertation, you can seek help from a research consultant.  We can walk you step-by-step and teach you how to analyze your dissertation data using SPSS. 

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