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Research Methodology Help
A dissertation's methodology consists of four parts: participants, instruments, procedures, and data analysis. Even though these components tend to be similar in structure and format, many students experience frustration during this important process. Our consultants can help you construct a proper research methodology section.

How to Choose a Qualitative or Quantitative Research Methodology
There are a number of issues to consider when debating between a qualitative and quantitative research design. Neither methodology is simply "better" or "easier" than the other. Our staff can help you decide between these two research methodologies and put you one step closer toward completing a successful research project.
Qualitative Research Methodology & Data Analysis Services
We provide a range of qualitative research methodology and data analysis services to graduate students at every phase of the dissertation and thesis process. We can help you choose a qualitative approach and analyze your qualitative data through such procedures as grounded theory, domain analysis, and analytic induction.
Dissertation & Research Methodology Help: Part 1
Your methodology section is essential in helping your audience understand the various steps of your research project. The methodology you choose is in large part based on your research question and goals. Our knowledgeable dissertation consultants can help you choose a methodology that is "doable" and appropriate for your study.
Dissertation & Research Methodology Help: Part 2
Your research methodology should match your questions and hypotheses. When selecting a research design and methodology, an emphasis should be placed on getting the most useful information in the most cost-effective and realistic fashion. We can help you craft a design that will get you the useful, accurate, and credible data you need.