Qualitative Research Methodology & Data Analysis
Services for Dissertation & Thesis Students

We provide qualitative research methodology and data analysis services to graduate students at every phase of the dissertation and thesis process. Below, please find a review of the services we provide to help you complete your qualitative research based dissertation or thesis as quickly as possible.

Qualitative Research Proposal Development Services
Some of the issues confronting students who choose a qualitative research methodology when writing their dissertation or thesis proposal include:

  • Why should I use a qualitative research methodology?
  • Which qualitative approach should I choose?
  • How to choose a method of data collection
  • How do I analyze qualitative data?
  • Qualitative validity issues
Qualitative Research Methodology Assistance
We help dissertation and thesis students with a wide range of qualitative research methodology designs and approaches including:
  • Grounded Theory
  • Survey Methodology
  • Consensual qualitative research
  • Phenomenology & Hermeneutics
  • Ethnography & sociocultural observation
Qualitative Data Analysis Services
Dissertation & Thesis students request assistance with a variety of qualitative data analysis procedures. We provide assistance with:
  • Classification
  • Domain Analysis
  • Constant Comparison
  • Analytic Induction
  • Logical Analysis
  • Event Analysis
  • Categorical Analysis
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Conditional Matrix

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