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Why should I use multivariate statistics to analyze my data?


The use of multivariate statistics will allow you to analyze complex sets of data from your data set. You can use multivariate statistics if you have multiple independent variables in your data set.  You can also use multivariate statistics if your data set contains dependent variables that are correlated with one another.  If your dissertation outcome (dependent) variables are correlated, it means there is some degree of statistical overlap (they are correlated).  In short, multivariate statistics are statistical techniques that allow you to examine the relationship between several variables simultaneously.  If this sounds like your dissertation data set, you might want to consider using multivariate statistics to analyze your data.  If you are unsure if your data set meets the criteria for multivariate statistics contact a dissertation consultant. Request Multivariate Statistics Help


Typical multivariate statistics and techniques include factor analysis, cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling.  Multivariate statistics will help you analyze your dissertation data by evaluating groups of your variables together.  With multivariate statistics you can do the following:


1.     Organize your dissertation data in clusters based on statistical relationships for further analysis.

2.     Multivariate statistics and techniques will allow you to both visualize, as well as assess the group-to-group differences in your data set.

3.     With multivariate statistics, you can reduce a large set of your dissertation variables to a more manageable set.


When should I use multivariate statistics?


Multivariate statistics are used in the following cases:


1.     Multivariate statistics are used to classify your data or to develop a system of classification for your data

2.     Multivariate statistics can help you investigate useful ways to group items or data to generate hypotheses.

3.     Multivariate statistics can be used to test your hypotheses.


How do I conduct multivariate statistical analyses?


There are many statistical computer software packages that will perform and calculate multivariate statistics.  Some examples of statistical computer software packages include: SPSS, SAS & Systat.  Your use of multivariate statistics assumes that your dissertation data is valid.  Validity refers to the assumption that the measure you used in your dissertation actually measured what they were supposed to measure.  If you are unsure which multivariate statistic to use, try it two or more multivariate statistics to see if the results are consistent across multivariate statistics.  Itís important to get help with multivariate statistics if needed.


There are different types of multivariate statistics.  Making the correct choice about which multivariate statistic to choose is crucial, as it will affect your dissertation results.  When in doubt about multivariate statistics you can get help from a dissertation or research consultant. Not only will a dissertation or research consultant ensure that the proper multivariate test is used, but he or she will help you interpret and understand the multivariate statistics SPSS output files.  This is crucial, as you will need to present your findings and multivariate statistics to your dissertation committee or organization in a clear manner.

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What will my multivariate statistics results & output look like?


Your statistical output will look different depending upon the multivariate statistic or technique you are using to analyze your dissertation data.  Irrespective of how your dissertation output looks, your job is to look at the multivariate statistics results and make some determination about the output.  More specifically, you will need to determine how many factors or clusters to use in further analysis and how to best represent your dissertation data.  If you do not know how to read or interpret the output from multivariate statistics or techniques, contact a dissertation or research consultant for immediate help.

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