Multicollinearity in Multiple Regression

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What is Multicollinearity?

In this article we define and discuss multicollinearity in "plain English," providing students and researchers with basic explanations about this often confusing topic. Suggestions for identifying and assessing multicollinearity are provided.



Regression and Multicollinearity

This article addresses the problems that multicollinearity can cause when conducting regression analyses. Suggestions for decreasing multicollinearity when conducting regression analyses are discussed.



Identifying Multicollinearity in Multiple Regression

In this article we discuss in great depth how to identify and assess multicollinearity. We review how to use SPSS collinearity diagnostics (e.g. Variance Inflation Factor - VIF), correlations and coefficients to assess the presence & extent of multicollinearity in multiple regression.



What Can I Do About Multicollinearity?

This article discusses ways to decrease or eliminate multicollinearity when conducting regression analyses. Methods for eliminating, combining and centering variables to reduce and eliminate multicollinearity are discussed.