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How We Can Help You
Your dissertation or thesis can seem like an insurmountable task. There are many important steps along the way that can cause roadblocks and frustration. We provide affordable and dependable assistance with all phases of dissertation and thesis research to help you complete your project as quickly and correctly as possible.
Dissertation & Thesis Services
We can help you produce a meaningful and manageable project. Our experienced consultants can assist you with every phase in the dissertation and thesis process, including topic creation, proposal writing, statistical analysis, and editing. We even provide publishing services, defense presentation assistance and ABD help.
Statistics Resources
It is important that you choose the most appropriate statistical tests when analyzing your dissertation or thesis data. You also need to collect relevant information that adds to your paper's body of knowledge. We can show you how to collect simple, yet important data and the proper statistical tests for analyzing that data.
Topics and Ideas
Choosing your topic or idea can be very challenging. Your topic, whether based on interest, feasibility, or convenience, will impact the rest of your dissertation or thesis. We can help you choose your topic and ensure that it is original, interesting, manageable, and relevant to future areas of research you may wish to pursue.
Research Methods
Your research methodology should match your research questions and hypotheses. The methodologies of published authors can provide you with a sense of a method section's structure and format. A dissertation and thesis consultant can help you further refine your methodology's sections and their affiliated components.
Proposal Writing
A solid proposal is like a detailed road map of the steps needed to complete your project. A well-developed proposal will make the course of your dissertation or thesis much smoother. Our experienced consultants can assist you with all proposal components, including research questions, literature reviews, methodology sections and appendices.
Editing & APA Style
When editing your dissertation or thesis, you must adhere to your school's specific formatting requirements, which most likely are based on the APA style and format. Our dissertation coaches can edit your research paper to ensure that you are using the proper language, grammar, tone, comprehension, and style.
Workshops & Courses
Throughout the year, we conduct several dissertation & thesis workshops that are delivered in person, via the web and by telephone. Topics include dissertation topic & proposal development, methodology & research design, editing & APA formatting, SPSS, and defense preparation.
RQ-LS Builder
Our free Research Question & Literature Search Builder utilizes the terms and criteria you provide to develop a research question and key words that will be useful when conducting your literature search. Our staff is available to help you further refine your question and focus your research.