Biostatistics Consulting Services
for Medical & Healthcare Researchers


Biostatistics is the development and application of statistical techniques to data relevant to health-related sciences, including medicine, epidemiology, and public health. Although the terms "biostatistics" and "biometry" are sometimes used interchangeably, "biometry" is more often used of biological or agricultural applications and "biostatistics" of medical applications.

Biostatistics for Medical & Healthcare Researchers
If you are a medical or healthcare professional or affiliated with a pharmaceutical company, medical research organization involved in quantitative research, chances are you will employ biostatistics during the analysis of your data. We assist medical & healthcare researchers to efficiently analyze data, providing:
  • Research methodology consultation for designing your study
  • Database construction and assistance with data collection
  • Gathering & analyzing medical & healthcare data using statistical software packages (e.g. SPSS, Systat, G*Power)
  • Statistics consultation services to analyze and interpret your data
  • Innovative approaches to medical & healthcare research
Research Report Consulting & Publishing Services
After completing data collection, you may need assistance with writing the results of your study for a final report or empirical manuscript. We provide research report consulting and publishing services for researchers in the areas of environmental health, medical / healthcare & epidemiology. We work diligently to ensure your research report or empirical manuscript is:
  • Clearly written with an emphasis on parsimony
  • Contains proper grammar and formatting
  • Uses appropriate scientific and statistical language and symbols
  • Conveys results with statistical tables & figures where needed
Biostatistics Workshops & Training Courses
To help you master the biostatistics concepts and knowledge required for the completion of your degree, coursework or professional requirements, we offer biostatistics training courses and online workshops to graduate students & professionals. Our expert staff lead biostatistics workshops and training courses in a broad array of medical and healthcare areas. We provide training in the areas of:
  • Parametric statistics & research methodology
  • General Linear, multiple regression & ANOVA models
  • Longitudinal & cross sectional research designs
  • Nonparametric & categorical based statistics
  • Survival analysis & cox regression
  • Spatio-temporal models