Whether you are enrolled in a doctorate or masterís degree program, the completion of your dissertation or thesis is imperative to completing your degree.  We know that completing your dissertation or thesis can be a stressful process and a lengthy endeavor.  We pride ourselves in providing affordable and dependable assistance with all phases of dissertation and thesis research to help you complete your project as soon as possible. 


How We Can Help You

  • We quickly figure out where youíre stuck and help you construct a detailed plan of action for completing your dissertation or thesis.  We tailor all our approaches to meet the needs of the individual.

  • We can help you avoid making mistakes right now that may cause you additional problems later on in the dissertation or thesis process (e.g. provide suggestions for collecting data in a way that will help you avoid problems with data & statistical analyses).
  • Provide you with instruction, materials and assistance for overcoming the obstacles that are getting in the way of completing your dissertation or thesis.  We help you quickly solve statistics problems.
  • We try to find examples in your daily life that you can relate to for helping you understand difficult topics such as statistics, data analysis and research design. Comprehensive editing services are also available.

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