Dissertation & Thesis Consultation Services for Graduate Students

Dissertation Topic and Proposal
Development Services

We provide coaching and consultation services to help students choose meaningful but "doable" projects. Our consultation services guide students through Chapters 1 - 3; helping with the formulation of their research questions, hypotheses and methodology.

Statistics and SPSS Consultation
Receive research design, statistics & SPSS consultation services, teaching you how to analyze your data & understand your findings. Results section coaching helps you to correctly write your results section & tables. Database construction & data entry services are also available.

Editing & Proofreading Services
We provide comprehensive editing services to revise your dissertation or thesis  according to APA style & format or to the specifications of your school. We edit your manuscript for content, organization, structure, grammar and check for statistical notation accuracy.
Dissertation Defense Presentation Help
Learn how to effectively present your proposal or the results of your research project to your professors. We help you devise an outline for presenting your dissertation and conduct rehearsals by telephone or in-person. Learn how to prepare PowerPoint presentations.
Discussion Section Assistance
We provide coaching & editing services to help you rapidly complete your discussion section so that you can begin preparing for the dissertation final defense. Learn how to summarize your results, integrate your findings with past literature & discuss the limitations of your study.
All But Dissertation (ABD) Help
We help you stay focused, organized & hopeful so that you can complete your dissertation as soon as possible. We also provide instruction, materials and feedback for overcoming the obstacles that are getting in the way of completing your dissertation. Expedited services help you to meet your deadline.
Publish Your Dissertation or Thesis
We provide publishing services to help you edit, revise and condense your dissertation or thesis for publication. We also provide services to help you address the feedback from journal editors to improve your chances of getting your dissertation accepted for publication.